Check out what our students are saying about Life-Cycle!

Life-Cycle is wonderful for so many reasons! First, the owners and instructors are incredible motivators. The spin classes are fun, challenging and different than other spin classes I have taken. The studio is beautiful and in a great location. LC has created so many great new programs for The District and surrounding community, such as the cubicle to 5k, cycle & strength, yoga, and mindfulness training. They really do have it all!
— Korey B.
This place is a hidden gem in the midst of a great new up and coming area of Burlington.   I love the concept of this wellness company...their cycling classes, corporate yoga and other offerings are just pieces to their overall big picture.  Life-Cycle has created something amazing here!  It gives me a reason to look forward to coming to work each week because I know that LCW has some interesting class offering or lunch and learn that I can add to my week!
— Andrea D.
This place is AMAZING!  My wife and I have attended many classes at Life-Cycle and we always leave each class feeling rejuvenated and ready to conquer the day.  The instructors are great motivators and make each class fun, challenging, and always play great music!  They’re very personable and each class is never the same!
— Ashwin M.
My husband and I love Life-Cycle! There is something for everyone at every level of fitness. The cycling classes are awesome with great music, instructors and equipment. My favorite are the video theme rides. They also offer yoga, meditation, stretching, strength, and other challenging classes. This is the best studio around. The instructors are all super personable and we always feel so energized after a class!
— Linda C.
I have never been a big fan of yoga, as the slow speed of delivery and the calming effect never suited me. However, after taking Life-Cycle’s corporate classes for the last few months, I am converted! The instructors are fabulous and work us hard through active poses, with reminders to disconnect from our crazy outside world and be fully present in class. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who needs a break from the grind as it truly benefits our tight muscles and potentially stagnant lifestyles.
— Deb S.
I was an absolute beginner spinner. Getting back into shape after slacking on cardio for a long time, I was very nervous about jumping full into it. About a dozen classes later and I can feel myself getting stronger, my endurance is building, and I look forward to jumping on the bike after a crazy day! The way the instructors help you get comfortable on the bike, you feel like a natural. If you are looking for just “a spin gym experience” I’d probably look elsewhere, because Life-Cycle really does focus on bringing a total mind and body change. I could have easily joined a 24-hour fitness or Planet Fitness, but Life-Cycle focuses on its members, and really trying to find that balance back into your life.
— Nicki C.
Life Cycle Wellness is the best thing that could have happened to The District Burlington. They have brought a whole new light to the surrounding companies and community. The spin classes are my favorite - they are such a great way to end the day and sweat everything out within 45 minutes! The environment is energetic and motivating and I couldn’t ask for better instructors! They always make sure everyone has water and a towel and are comfortable on their bike.
— Alex L.