Ginger Boermeester, Co-Founder

As a longtime rider and instructor, Ginger credits indoor cycling with acting as the perfect compliment to her other passion, yoga. She believes it provides her with similar meditative qualities, and when done in tandem, the two modalities provide an optimal yin-yang balance.  

Ginger's energy and enthusiasm are contagious. She believes fitness starts from within, and delivers cycling and yoga classes targeting both the body and mind, leaving students feeling physically and mentally centered, grounded and empowered. 

A former sales and marketing executive in the high-tech, publishing, and communications industry, Ginger knows firsthand the many ways in which an energizing workout or calming yoga class can help alleviate both work-related and personal stress. Over the past few years, she has created wellness offerings for corporations, schools, and communities. Life-Cycle Wellness, grew out of the increasing demand for these programs.  The studio at The District provides her with a medium to expand beyond her current student base. 

With Life-Cycle, Ginger is excited to assist students in their pursuit of overall health and wellbeing, and hopes to provide them with a space to escape from their busy days and hectic lives, with the same sense of community and inclusiveness she has cultivated at her other studio, Roots Yoga, in Burlington.



Alexa Pozniak, Co-Founder

Alexa is an outdoor cycling enthusiast, and Pan Mass Challenge alum, bringing her passion for the sport indoors, with the creation of Life-Cycle Wellness and Life-Cycle Studio. 

Certified as a personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Alexa takes an athletic, team-based approach to her classes, pushing riders to reach outside their comfort zone and work together as one to achieve a stronger body, with an emphasis on proper form and biomechanics. 

As a television journalist, covering health and wellness for platforms like ABC News, Good Morning America, and ESPN has allowed Alexa a unique, firsthand look at the consequences an unhealthy lifestyle can have on individuals in the form of chronic health conditions; the interconnectedness between the mind and body; and the manners in which people can heal themselves through healthy choices and behaviors. 

Life-Cycle provides Alexa with the opportunity to delve into the wellness world from a different, more hands-on perspective. .